Special Educational Needs

Local Offer: Please to read the SEN and Disability local offer provided at Coppull. St John's C.E. Primary School.

SEN Documents

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We are a fully inclusive school. In accordance with the school's commitment to provide equality of education for all pupils, it is recognised that some pupils experience particular difficulty in achieving their full  academic potential and other children may have physical, emotional or behavioural needs.  Coppull St. John's Primary school is committed to integrating children with special educational needs into the school and will aim to meet the needs of all children with special needs in line with the national 'Code of Practice'.

The school staff will therefore work together with parents to

  1. implement the school's 'Special Educational Needs' policy;
  2. provide small classes which increases the pupil:teacher ratio and the ability of the teacher to better match the work provided to the needs of the pupils;
  3. develop a positive attitude to school life which increases pupil's self esteem and confidence;
  4. ensure that programmes of study and materials used to deliver them are suited to the pupil's needs, enabling them to achieve and progress;
  5. set appropriate targets for future development and then assess and report progress in relation to those targets;
  6. ensure children receive help from outside agencies, such as the Co-ordinated Service for Learning Support, where appropriate.



We use a range of interventions to support a wide spread of needs at Coppull St. John's Primary School. Some interventions which are successfully used are…
  • Colourful Semantics to support children speech and language.
  • Power of Two for children with mathematics difficulties
  • Toe to Toe for children with reading and spelling difficulties.
  • Indirect Dyslexia Learning (IDL) for children with reading and spelling difficulties.
  • Nurture provision for children with social and emotional difficulties
  • Acceleread Acclerwrite for children with reading and spelling difficulties.
  • Springboard 3,4,5,&6 to support maths.
  • Precision teaching to support reading, spelling or maths.
  • Time to talk provision to support communication and social difficulties
  • 10 minute exercise programme to support children with motor skill difficulties.
  • Social stories/Social games intervention to support children with social and emotional difficulties



All class teachers and teaching assistants are instrumental to providing support and provision to allow all children, regardless of ability, the opportunity to access the curriculum.

  • Mrs. Marston and Mrs. Abram - It is the role of the SENCO to oversee all SEND provision and progress across the whole school. The SENCO meets with parents/carers and outside agencies to discuss areas of need and ‘pool’ together expertise to support the school, child and family.
  • Mrs. Bennett - The SEN TA will work with identified children for an allocated amount of time to work towards their SMART targets linked to an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  • Our SEN governor meets with the SENCO termly to discuss progress, impact and next steps with SEND provision and finance in school.


In accordance with the new Code of Practice (2014), there is a graduated approach set up in order to determine which children have a special educational need and the process which the SENCO, practitioners, parents/carers and outside agencies become involved in.

The graduated response works in a cycle of assess – plan – do – review (More detail of this can be found in the school’s SEN Policy. The link for the policy is on the page.) 

Graduated Response

Please see our SEN Pathway for further details.



Parents are encouraged, at Coppull St John's Primary School, to become fully immersed and involved with the education of their child. 

However, the school operates and ‘Open Door’ policy and this encourages parents to discuss any concerns with class teachers, identified teaching assistants, SENCO or members of the senior leadership team at any point before or after school or via appointment.