Coppull St John's Religious Education Curriculum

As this is a Church of England school it has close links with St. John's  Church.  Religious Education is provided according to a scheme of work which is approved by the school Governors.

The emphasis will be on the teaching of Christianity whilst still taking account of practices of the other principal religions.

Each pupil is encouraged to understand through an exploration of Christianity and other religious traditions the meaning of religion and its place and significance in human life.

Parents have a right to withdraw their child from both formal R.E. lessons and collective worship but should be reminded that, as a church school, the Christian ethos permeates the whole of the curriculum and school life.

Collective Worship

An act of collective worship is held daily on a whole school or separate key stage basis.  This is a special time when children and staff, come together and praise God through song, poetry, drama, story and prayers.

Our worship group actively participate in planning, leading and evaluating acts of worship, meeting on a regular basis with our worship leader.

We have a 'Sharing Assembly' each Friday when we come together to celebrate achievement and reward 'Shining Star' medals, trophies and certificates.