After-School Activity Clubs at Coppull St. John's

As well as our regular After-School Club, we also offer a range of after-school activity clubs that children can access based on their interests. Activity clubs are run by the teachers and we may also from time to time use external providers. The clubs are always vey popular and we really encourage children to try them as they are a great way of developing new interests, skills and hobbies.

All activity clubs are currently free of charge and kept to the children's bubbles to ensure that mixing is minimised. The clubs run on a half-termly basis and themes are changed regularly to provide a variety of opportunities for the children.

Our current offer for activity clubs is:

Autumn Term 2 (2020-2021)

Day Activity Time

Year 5/6 Computing

Year 3 Science

Until 4:15pm

Year 5/6 Rugby (Sale Sharks)

Until 4:15pm

Year 3/4 Dodgeball

Year 2 Art

Until 4:15pm


Letters are sent out in advance for parents to sign their children up to the clubs. If your child is interested in joining a club, please contact the school office.