Welcome to Class 2!

Our teachers are Mrs Casterton and Mrs Smyth. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Noblet and Miss Milner.


Have a look at what we've been doing in class.

A Doorstep Adventure 

Class 2 had an amazing afternoon in the woods listening to the sounds of nature, trying out the hammock, carrying out a bug hunt, hiding in dens and even lighting their own fires with qualified supervision. The children loved being in the outdoors and looking closely at the amazing things all around them. 

Class 2 Doorstep adventure


A meteor has landed! 

When the children arrived back to school on Monday they were greeted by a very exciting sight...A meteor had landed on the school field! We had some brilliant discussions about where the meteor has come from and what it was. 

Class 2 Meteor

Fairtrade Week 

Fairtrade Class 2


Watch out! There's a mammoth about. 

Class 2 arrived in school to find hidden bones. They had to look at the clues given to work out what they thought they could belong too. The children used the books in the classroom to try and name the animal until they found a jigsaw. They worked together to find out that they were actually the bones of a mammoth! 

Class 2 Mammoth Visit


Autumn term

Remembrance Day

Creating fireworks



Exploring pumpkins and making pumpkin soup



Naming the planets


Nature Portraits


Class 2 Maths Autumn 1