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English Overview

English at Coppull St. John's

At the heart of being able to learn, communicate and engage with a wide range of life experiences, is the ability to listen, speak, read and write effectively. Our pupils are at the beginning of this journey and our role is to equip them with the skills they need to access the whole curriculum, at primary school, secondary school, and beyond.

At Coppull St. John’s, we passionately believe that children should be introduced to the best that has been thought, said and written. Their appreciation of great thinkers, speakers, writers and poets should develop in tandem with their love for reading. Literature is our cultural heritage and it is essential that our children become the guardians of this cultural capital for the next generation. 

Phonics and Early Reading



Supersonic Phonic Friends Progression Document

At Coppull St. John's, we place the highest priority on ensuring that children learning early reading make rapid and sustained progress in learning to decode words and becoming fluent readers. Our phonics programme is Supersonic Phonic Friends by Anna Lucas, which is a comprehensive programme designed to deliver a systematic synthetic phonics programme in an engaging, practical and fun way. Sessions are delivered daily by teaching and support staff, with children grouped according to their progress and ability. Children's reading progress is continually assessed and those children identified as falling behind are quickly supported to catch up.


Children are given decodable reading books from our purchased schemes. These books are designed to allow the children to practice the sounds and blends they are currently learning and become fluent in them. These books contain words that match the learning they are doing in phonics and should not require them to use any other strategy other than decoding to read the words in them. Children may also bring home another book to read with parents. These are intended to continue to introduce children to words they have not yet encountered and should be read to them or with them.