It is widely acknowledged now that children on their way to and from school are at particular risk of being involved in a road accident.


  • Young children are small and inexperienced.
  • They can't judge speed or distance of approaching traffic.
  • They can't see over parked cars as you can.
  • They can't cope with traffic on their own - it is not fair or realistic to expect them to do so.
  • They can't be easily seen by motorists

The governors and teachers of Coppull St. John's regard Road Safety awareness to be the joint responsibility of parents and school. Please remember:-

  • To ensure your child arrives and leaves school through the school gate in a sensible manner and uses Mr. Orrell, our crossing patrol, where necessary.
  • To not stop your car on yellow zig zag lines when you bring, or collect your child to or from school, even for dropping your child off.
  • To find a safe place to park your car, not obstructing the drives of neighbouring houses.
  • We are fortunate to be able to use the Chorley Panthers car park, before and after school. Please respect this facility and park considerately.
  • Please do not park on the Alison Arms car park.
  • To teach your child how to use the Green Cross Code, and to use it at all times.

The school will actively encourage the development of positive attitudes to road safety. This will be achieved within several areas of the curriculum and particularly in Personal, Social and Health Education. In addition, school will work in partnership with the police, road safety specialists, and parents, in order to further encourage safe practices on, or near roads.

Leaflets from the Road Safety Department will be issued to parents as appropriate and initiatives to promote road safety will be encouraged and promoted by the school.