At Coppull St. John's we aim to encourage all children to take part in sport. We believe that it is important for children's health both physically and emotionally.  It is important that these experiences are both enjoyable and rewarding.  Positive experiences in school can lead to children taking up sports for leisure purposes out of school and will therefore promote healthier lifestyles in later life.  We want children to know that taking part in physical activities is healthy and fun.                 

We are using our funding to buy in expertise from an outside company - Elaine Smith PE. We participate in competitions organised by Elaine.                                                                                      

We have also used part of the funding to purchase coaches from Sale Sharks  They are providing after school coaching, as well as supporting the delivery of the school PE curriculum.

We are currently focussing on how we can improve children's physical health and wellbeing and have a number of initiatives to improve levels of daily physical activity, including an 'active 30 minutes per day'. Pupils take part in active class sessions, as well as organised activities at lunchtime, such as jogging, skipping and games. We also have 'wake up and shake up' sessions that are free to attend and pupils take part in 10 minutes daily aerobics at the end of the day in class.

Sports Funding