Our school uniform is: White school polo shirt or blouse, Red school sweatshirt or sweat-cardigan, grey trousers, Grey skirt or pinafore dress. In summer girls may wear a red and white gingham or striped dress.


Our school uniform is now available to purchase online through our new web store https://gooddies.co.uk

Apart from the sweatshirts, cardigans and school polo shirts, the above garments are readily available from major stores.  



Name all items of clothing including shoes and pumps.

Do not allow your child to wear any jewellery.  Please avoid having your child's ears pierced. Do not allow your child to bring any valuables into school.  Earrings of any kind are not allowed in school.


All children need... Pumps (preferably slip-on), black shorts, white T-shirt - (white T-shirts can be ordered online  as above with the school badge on).  In Class 4 children may be outside during the winter months and children may bring tracksuits for outdoor use.


  • name all items of clothing including pumps;
  • send all P.E. kit in a draw-string bag which is labelled clearly with your child's name;
  • ensure that your child has a P.E. kit in school at all times;
  • send a note if your child needs to be excused from P.E. or swimming on medical grounds.

In the best interest of parents and pupils, we try to keep school free from fashion trends. We expect pupils to have sensible hairstyles. Cuts, dyed hair or styles, which are extreme in the judgment of the school, are not acceptable.

The only jewellery which pupils are allowed to wear is a watch. Earrings, including sleepers and studs, as well as necklaces and rings can be the cause of accident or injury when children are playing and should not be worn in school. Legal advice recommends this policy on safety grounds.


For further information, please see our Uniform Policy on the policies page.