The school's governors accept that a child's education should be free.  However, from time to time, a voluntary contribution may be asked for to fund special educational visits.  Recent examples have included a visit to Sea Life Centre in Blackpool and an outdoor and adventure activities week at Hothersall Lodge.

The charging policy of the governors is that

  • Charges will not normally be made for any activity which takes place wholly within school time or which arises as a requirement of the National Curriculum.
  • There may be a charge for extra music tuition to learn an instrument where school has to purchase the services of a teacher from outside school.
  • It will be necessary for parents to offer a voluntary contribution towards the cost of some activities, for example educational visits.  However, no child will be excluded from taking part even if a parent decides not to make a contribution.
  • If voluntary contributions are insufficient then the activity will not be able to proceed.

We value the use of educational visits as a way of enriching and extending the curriculum and hope that everyone will be able to benefit from such visits throughout their time with us.