Coppull St. John's PSHE Curriculum 2020-2022

'Personal, Social and Health Education' is an integral part of our teaching programme and covers issues such as working together, keeping to rules, respecting each other, healthy living etc...All classes touch on aspects of this subject in the different 'themes' studied.

We are part of Lancashire Healthy Schools Imitative. We encourage children to think about looking after their health. Thinking about healthy eating, exercise and personal care.

Sex Education is taught throughout the school.  In Year 6 it is part of this PSHE programme.  It will be appropriate to the pupil's age and experience and will be presented within a moral, family orientated and Christian framework.  The actual content of the lessons is agreed upon in consultation with the school nurse, using materials recommended by her.  Parents are notified before the lessons on Sex Education take place and given the opportunity to meet and view the resources to be used, and the content of the lessons. Appropriate terminology is used throughout the school. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from this lesson if they so wish.