The prevention and treatment of head lice


Wash the hair using ordinary shampoo, followed by conditioner. With conditioner still on comb the hair. After ordinary combing use a fine tooth comb always combing from the roots to the ends of the hair with every stroke. Rinse the hair then repeat the combing procedure in the wet hair. Do this regularly.


If you find lice, then there are two options. Neither option protects against re-infection. Therefore regular checks still need to be done.

Option 1 Lotion

Only use lotions if you find a living moving louse. Lotions may not kill eggs. You must check for baby lice 3-5 days after using lotions and again after 10-12 days.

Option 2

The 'Bug Busting' Treatment

This treatment involves physically combing out the lice using a 'Bug Busting' kit which comes with instructions. The kit is available from some pharmacies or by mail order from:-

Community Hygiene Concern
Manor Gardens Centre
6-9 Manor Gardens
London N7 6LA

Bug Buster helpline 020 7686 4321