Homework is given by staff on a regular basis.  In the Early Years children will bring home a 'home reader' and perhaps some 'key words' to learn with you. Reading is not just about recognising shapes and letters but more importantly, it's about understanding what is read and interpreting actions. Reading for meaning.  As they get older they will be given spelling lists to learn and Mathematics tasks to be completed each week.  In Class 4 there is a system of regular homework which is designed to enable the children to develop and extend their skills across the curriculum and give them practise in organising their time and commitments in preparation for the transfer to High School.

Parental support is obviously vital in this respect and we are often asked how parents can help.  It is probably best to try to ensure that your child has somewhere quiet to do their homework, away from distractions and encourage your child to get into a routine so that work is completed early and without any rushing or last minute panic.  Discussing their homework and encouraging and praising their efforts is all very important and helps your child to feel confident and happy about their work.

Homework Expectations

Class 1

  •    10 minutes daily reading  
  •     10 minutes daily spelling practise 
  •  Mathematics activity (Y1) set on a Friday and due in Monday 

Class 2

  •     10 minutes daily reading  
  •    10 minutes daily spelling practise 
  •  Mathematics activity (Y1) set on a Friday and due in Monday 

Class 3

  • 15 minutes daily reading 
  • Weekly spellings and Times Tables  
  •   30 minutes Mathematics
  •  30 minutes English

Class 4

  •    15 minutes daily reading  
  •  Spelling rules to be learnt alternative weeks. 
  • One English and Mathematics task given on Friday and handed in on Tuesday. (30 minutes)
  • Additional homework in planners linked to lessons, given when appropriate.
  • Planner system - Children are expected to take full responsibility for their homework.